Having white teeth is a widespread desire in the population of developed countries. Clinica Vilaboa has been a pioneer in tooth whitening techniques in Spain. There are many possible causes that lead to not being able to enjoy white teeth: the intake of antibiotics such as tetracyclines during childhood is undoubtedly one of the most important causes of severe tooth discoloration. Today this type of antibiotics in childhood is no longer prescribed, but we still treat this type of discolorations frequently. In cases of severe tetracycline discoloration, it is sometimes necessary to treat them by combining teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.

Other causes leading to tooth discoloration are the excessive intake of fluorine (fluorosis), smoking, food or beverages or food colorings (coffee, tea, wine, saffron ...).

Dental aging (premature or otherwise), clenching or bruxism or dental trauma may also produce a darkening of the teeth.

The best treatment for the patient is often the most conservative, the least invasive. It is for this reason that tooth whitening is so attractive as a treatment.

The bleaching treatment can be performed in office, by applying a whitening gel that is placed on the tooth surface a protective gum. This gel is activated by the energy provided from plasma light, halogen light or laser in some cases. The choice of source plasma light, halogen or laser depends on each particular case.

I n addition, the bleaching treatment can be performed or combined with a treatment that is done at home by applying the whitening gel inside a flexible splint, tailor-made for the patient. This is applied for two hours on average. The duration of this treatment at home is variable depending on each case but can be between two to four weeks.

Once the whitening treatment is complete, we recommend that the patient continues at home brushing her teeth with a whitening toothpaste.