Restorative Dentistry

Prevention is currently the best we can offer our patients. Hence the protocol recommends regular visits every 6 months. When you need to restore tooth structure, we believe in a minimally invasive philosophy. In case of caries, fracture or other reasons for dental destruction, we believe in maximum conservation of tooth structure, as much as possible. This approach optimizes the structural integrity and the quality of life of our teeth and our patients.

Tooth wear:

Premature tooth wear is one of the diseases that we see most frequently in our environment.

Some signs of tooth wear are: darkening of tooth color, tooth length shortening, loss of gloss, sensitivity, occurrence of cracks or fissures... fractures may even lead to the need for tooth extraction.

The team at Clinica Vilaboa have a thirty year experience in the treatment of dental wear. Knowing  how to detect an issue and deciding how and when to treat each situation are essential for prognosis. A detailed analysis of the patients' lifestyle and diet can likewise be decisive when it comes to helping the patient.

The establishment of a prevention and control protocol of tooth wear can avoid many future problems. When we speak of tooth wear we do not only speak of bruxism. Wear causes can be many and varied, but bruxism is indeed one of his most known causes.

Certainly stress contributes negatively to the integrity of the dental structure. Other factors with negative effects on the dentition are feeding on acids in excess (fruit juices, vinegar, lemon ...) gastroesophageal reflux disease, or disorders such as bulimia or anorexia.