Periodontal Care focuses in the diagnosis and treatment of the pathologies that affect the tissues which support the teeth (bone, cementum, periodontal ligament and the gingiva). the most common pathological periodontal condition is Gingivitis, which is a common bacterial infection of the gingival tissues  (its signs and symptoms are gingival redness and bleeding) which is easily solved with a well performed professional tooth cleaning and good personal oral hygiene.   If Gingivitis is not treated early it can evolve to Periodontitis which is a more severe  infection as this one also affects the dental bone support.

This chronic infection is  silent at the beginning but as the disease gets more severe, the patient may experience spontaneous bleeding,  bad breath, swelling, pain,  mobility, dental drifting, abscesses and  pus release. If the condition is not spotted and treated on time,  it leads irreversibly to tooth loss.  Treatment of periodontitis includes a basic phase of mechanical subgingival root debridement (for the removal of hidden calculus or mineralised plaque) a reevaluation and periodic supportive periodontal treatment. Some patients may also benefit from localised minor periodontal surgery.

At Vilaboa Dental Practice we will always evaluate the status of you gums  and rest of oral tissues to make sure that you are free from any of theses frequent bacterial infections, otherwise we will make sure you receive the adequate treatment. Moreover, a healthy periodontal condition is absolutely necessary before other dental treatments (orthodontics, implantology, prosthesis, esthetics and conservative dentistry).

The Periodontal speciality also takes care of other common clinical situations as gingival recessions, gingival asymmetry, gingival enlargement, gummy smile, labial frenum, and lack of keratinised gingival tissue.  These conditions are treated with different plastic periodontal surgical interventions which either by reducing  or moving or displacing or grafting  adjacent tissues we can achieve root coverage in exposed roots areas, we can create gingival symmetry and harmony, we can regain lost keratinized tissue or  we can decrease dental-gingival sensitivity.