Odontología infantil

The Pediatric Dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral diseases of children.

Buco-facial development is critical in children's overall health. Sometimes anomalies can already be observed at birth or early ages and therefore, patients are referred to our team by pediatric doctors and nurses.

It is recommended that babies gums are cleaned after each feeding with gauze, and that parents brush their children's teeth as soon as they  appear in the mouth.

Therefore, this is a good time to take the kids to their first dental check-up and essential that it takes place before three years (complete dentition), even in the absence of any problem.

Temporary teeth are important and have a key role during growth. Caries and other problems that sometimes can go unnoticed if additional tests are not performed, such as radiography) should be addressed as soon as posible.

Abuse of the pacifier, thumb sucking, etc can alter cause the relation between the facial bones and teeth but we know how to help parents during this ordeal.

Dental trauma, injuries during sports activities are common and need to be addressed following effective protocols in order to avoid further damage.

The pediatric dentists at Clinica Vilaboa will focus from day one to make it a pleasurable experience for your child, and will make their best to motivate your child to come to the dental office in a positive way now and in the future.