Medically compromised patients

Many patients have a medical condition that requires our special attention.

Patients with compromised health situation as a systemic disease, need to adapt our treatment in the most conservative and natural way possible.

Oncology and immunocompromised patients often have problems of dry mouth, radiation and chemotherapy of head and neck área may suffer a higher incidence of caries and periodontal problems. Mucositis is the most severe oral complication of these treatments.

At Clinica Vilaboa we perform preventive treatments to help avoiding such problems before, during and after cancer treatment. Some drugs such as  antidepressant, anxiolytics, antihypertensives, etc., can also involve problems like  difficulty in swallowing, eating, speaking, chewing, tasting and even socializing.

Patients with physical,neurological or just intellectual disabilities also require  particular adaptation of the treatments and the Clinica Vilaboa team have an  adequate training to consider each patient as unique.  The most important thing when facing a treatment in medically compromised  patient is to have specific training, to reach the same goal: enjoying a healthier mouth and a better quality of life, through the smile.