Esthetic dentistry is actually a matter of philosophy. Any treatment, in any area of ​​the mouth can be aesthetic in the sense of pampering for detail. However we usually limit this term to treatments in the most visible area of the mouth: the anterior superior. Some of the most common scenarios that contribute to poor esthetics are: Small teeth, rotated, separated, stained, broken, permanence of teeth gummy smile, etc.

Another type of alteration that is constantly increasing is excessive tooth wear. This condition is present in approximately 40% of adult patients.

This issue involves loss of dental structure with a shortening in length and volume of the teeth which negatively affects the aesthetics of the smile.

This premature wear can be caused by different entities (food, gastric reflux, bruxism, bulimia...) and developmental abnormalities of shape, color and position of the tooth. These problems are addressed at Clinica Vilaboa in a considerable number of patients utilizing a technique that respects the patient's tooth structure and that oftentimes requires a minimal preparation of the teeth. This condition may be solved via porcelain laminates (a.k.a. veneers, facettes).

At Clinica Vilaboa, we have successfully treated many cases with severe abnormalities in tooth color such as patients who have been under tetracycline treatment.

The desire for whiter teeth is becoming more and more prevalent in the environment in which we live.

Another very simple treatment for dental discoloration is tooth whitening. At Clinica Vilaboa, we have been practicing this treatment for 30 years, with constant success. It is crucially important to know the indications and limitations of tooth whitening or bleaching well. This allows us to satisfy our patients and offer a better treatment.

Tooth whitening sessions can be performed either at home or at the clinic, or by a combination of these two methods. The bleaching result is closely related to the cause of discoloration. It is easier to bleach stains related to ageing or in relation to habits such as smoking than bleaching the effects of severe tetracycline staining. Thus, selecting the best treatment for each patient, we can obtain white teeth safely.

Many patients have placed their trust in us in order to improve, enhance and thus rejuvenate their smile.